The Things That People Are Telling You Concerning FUT 14 Coins Is Simply Truly Wrong And Precisely Why

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The game moved 2.25 million units in the region during its first week and shared a release month with FUT 14 Coins .MCV reports that Grand Theft Auto 5 accounted for 52 percent of those sales alone, helping the UK market generate £187.2 million in the month of September. Also, as CVG points out, there's the matter of how many Standard edition pre-orders have already been placed with the FIFA 14 offer in mind, and whether or not they'll receive a free copy of the game as promised.

The publisher's next-gen efforts will not include Tiger Woods in its future golf games, and Jorgensen also noted that Titanfall will be exclusive to Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC "for the life of the title" during the call. EA will launch the next-gen version of FIFA 14 along with the new consoles this coming month.The Diablo 3 demo is out now on Xbox Live (as a Gold-exclusive), and hits PlayStation Network later today. The demo goes as far as the Skeleton King, the action-RPG's first boss, and features all five Hero classes and both local and online multiplayer.However, EA Community Manager Rob Hodsontweeted this morning to say the FIFA 14 demo could hit today, around 5PM UK time.Exactly how you score your cheap upgrade is where things get complicated.

According to Best Buy's official site, if you purchase one of the above games within a set period after FUT 14 Coins release (most can be picked up as much as a month after release day), you'll be given a $10 coupon to be put toward your game's Xbox One incarnation.While many stores across Europe still have Day One editions of the Xbox One available, at some outlets it's already sold out; as Eurogamer notes, Amazon UK only has the Standard edition available.


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